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Recommended Reading

National Mini Rex Rabbit Club Guide Book - Priceless information specifically for mini rex       rabbits. This book is  included in the initial NMRRC membership package.
Standard of Perfection-Published by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.  A must if you want to show. 
 Raising Better Rabbits and Cavies - Published by ARBA as well, not available in stores.  Contains excellent advice that you can trust. This book is included in the initial ARBA membership package or can be purchased for $10.00.
www.furryfriendsrus.com/index.html. -  Excellent basic care page
www.debmark.com/rabbits/basics. -  Raising Rabbits-The Basics  Very helpful, very well written. 
http://mr-colors.tripod.com/index.html  - Color Crossing Rules for Mini Rex Rabbits - Great chart! 
http://cottonwoodfarms.tripod.com/pencil.html - The Pencil Test. Great pointers to help determine if you have a good rabbit.
http://www.iceboxrabbitry.homestead.com/ - See "Educational Tools"
http://fisherbrookrabbitry.webs.com/  Contains a down-loadable Pedigree Chart also some good reading. 
www.fao.org/docrep/x5082e/X5082E07.html#3reproduction - very scholarly, precise. Covers several topics.  
www.petcaretip.net/safe-veggies-fruits-pet-rabbit.html -  Safe fruits and vegetables for your rabbit.
www.rexrabbitsusa.com - Such topics as grooming, good and bad foods, what to have in your emergency kit, a chart of rabbit diseases,symptoms, and treatment.