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The  Nestbox          
My Sales Policy
Please Read
1. I require a 50% NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to hold rabbits for a buyer.
2. I reserve the right to stop a transaction at any time. If I stop it, your deposit will be returned in full.
3. A deposit holds a rabbit for two weeks.  After that, an additional $2.00 per rabbit, per week, will be added for food costs and cage space.
4.  I guarantee that all my rabbits are healthy when sold, but once they leave my care, I cannot be held responsible for their health or condition.
5.  All rabbits sold "for show" are guaranteed to be DQ free, but please check your rabbit carefully before leaving my barn.
6.  I do not guarantee that any rabbit will win a show or produce offspring. I cannot control a   
    judge's opinion, nor can I control the genetics, nor the environment and care it will receive
    after it leaves my care. If I sell a rabbit as show quality,  I mean that I feel that it has the potential  to do well.
7. All payments must be made before a rabbit can leave the rabbitry. Cash, mail order, or Paypal are acceptable forms of payment.
8. I can deliver rabbits to any show that I am attending at no additional cost. 
* * *Very Important * * *  
By purchasing my rabbits you are agreeing to all the conditions listed above, whether you acknowledge it or not, so please read carefully.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 
Please note:  I do not sell my bunnies before they are 8 weeks old, however, if you are interested  in a  particular litter and want to be put on a waiting list, please contact me.








 Cash and mail orders are the only