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For Sale

 For Sale-Juniors, Brood Does, and Senior bucks
                 ***Please check NESTBOX for young litters, and future litters.***

Blue-eyed buck, DOB 7/20/13
Very dense fur, very sweet. $30
On Hold -Sold

Blue VC doe-very dense fur. $20
On HOLD-Sold

 Very nice red buck-bright red
no smut, small ears, nice type.  
 DOB 11/1/13  $40  -On Hold
 Broken Blue Buck  DOB:10/10/13
 Compact body, small ears, dense
fur.   $40

Broken Blue Buck. Brother to the 
buck above, same DOB. $50

Broken Black Otter doe. Very nice,
especially for a junior. DOB: 11/14/13 

Broken Blue Brood Doe-proven.
DOB 5/22/13   $40

Broken blue brood doe-$40

2 Booted blacks: the result of breeding
a broken buck to a doe who has no
broken in her background. Breeding
them back to a broken will completely
"break them"  SOLD